Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SIABase?
A: It’s a searchable database of security industry authority licensed operatives who are looking for work. Or interested in a better job.

Q: I am SIA licensed operative looking for work how much will it cost me?
A: Nothing it’s completely free for you to register.

Q: How will a company find my details?
A: They will find you through our search system.

Q: What details should I put about myself?
A: As much or as little as you wish, but remember the more you write about yourself the more employers are going to want to contact you.

Q: I am an employer and when I try to view a profile it says that I don’t have enough credit what are credits?
A: Credits are the way you pay for the facility to be able to contact the employees.

Q: How much do credits cost?
A: Log in to your account and click on purchase credits a current price list will appear.

Q: Do credits ever expire?
A: No there is no time limit on credits.

Q: What do I get for a credit?
A: For one credit you can view an employees profile and contact them through our system if you wish for 24 hrs after clicking on there profile.

Q: Why are there no photographs of the employees on your system?
A: We have decided that to be able to provide a faster search photographs should not be included. But if enough employers want this added we can add it in the future.

Q: You do not seem to have a telephone number how can we contact you?
A: SIABase is a web based company you can contact us by using the contact us page.

Q: If I contact you how long before you respond?
A: We will during normal working hours aim to respond as soon as we have an answer for you.

Q: I tried to register as an employer but your system refused my application and deleted my account. Why is this?
A: It could be for a number of reason the main one being your details did not match the details we found on you, every employer is verified before being allowed to use are system.

Q: Right that’s answered my question how do I get started?
A: You go to www.siabase.com and register