Security Door for Homes – Improving Home Security


The last thing you want in your home is an intruder stealing all your belongings, or trying to hurt you and your family. There are many entryways that a criminal can use to get into your house.

But the last entrance you’d think that a criminal would go through is your front door. He wouldn’t go through the front door, right?

Actually, many burglars DO go through the front door. They know how to look for the spare key you hide around your house. And if you’re not home, they’ll simply kick the door open or unhinge it completely.

This is why well-secured doors are crucial for all homes. Here are the important factors to consider to improve your home’s door security.


Door Durability


In some cases, thieves will try to puncture your door. A door made from light and thin materials can easily be destroyed. The best way to avoid this is to get a wooden door with a metal core. This will prevent criminals from destroying your door.

A less expensive option would be a solid-core wooden door. Avoid hollow-core doors. They’re intended for indoor room use only.


Length of Screws

Most homebuilders only use ¾-inch screws to attach hinges to doors and their frames. This makes your door vulnerable to kicking or ramming.

Use longer and thicker screws. Using at least 3-inch screws can add security to the door. Longer screws can attach your door not only to the frame, but also into the door’s stud.


Strike Plates

Using longer strike plates can increase the security of any door. This prevents strong forces from easily opening your door. They can disperse the impact of force applied to the door throughout the door jamb’s length.


Screen Doors

Another way to improve your door’s security is by adding a secondary door. Installing a security screen door can give you more options to add safety to your main door.

First, you can open the main door without exposing yourself. A screen door will allow you to get a clear view of the outside while it’s still closed. Also, it gives you the option to add another set of locks. This will give criminals a more difficult time entering your house.


Security Locks


It’s important to trust a reliable door lock brand that can provide high-security for your door. A keyed door knob lock isn’t enough. Get a deadbolt lock that can resist a certain amount of energy rammed the door.

Avoid using locks made from hardened steel. They’re often hollow, which makes your door vulnerable. You should also consider if you’re going to use traditional locks or smart locks. The most important thing is to choose the best locks. You can check reviews of different locks before buying one.


Increased Door Visibility

Lastly, make your door visible to neighbors or passersby. A burglar will likely target a home with a door that seems hidden from view. A more visible door will give you more security. This will give your neighbors a chance to report to the authorities, in case they see a suspicious person trying to open your door.

All of these are simple tips that can increase your door’s visibility. These little changes may save your life or your home. Act now and check your front and back doors to save yourself and your family from horrible house crimes.

Author: Aiden Lee